Reality is an illusion, although a very persistent one

4 - 19 Mar

Lorry Wedding-Marchioro is a Masters candidate at Federation University Australia's Gippsland Centre for Art and Design and a public sculptor.

Her sculptural and installation work explores connections between quantum physics and visual arts practice, drawing on quantum physics' idea that all solid things are composed of wave particles and are in reality as insubstantial as light.

The result is an intriguing set of installations and sculptures, which challenge our ideas of what reality is. These works make us question what is real and substantial and what is not. Recent advances in physics bring us closer to the ancient Eastern idea that the world is actually an illusion and this is an idea that has always engaged artists.

Switchback Gallery is at Gippsland Centre for Art and Design, Building 6S, Federation University Australia Gippsland and is open 9 - 5 weekdays or by appointment