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Rachel Jones, Waiting, Watching, Being Watched 2014, Digital Image

Tue 18 Nov - Fri 30 Jan 2015


Opened on Tuesday November 18 at 7pm

OBJECT_MATTER is an exhibition by Bachelors and Honours completing students in visual arts, all of whose practices revolve around a variety of playful interactions with objects. The works examine the potential of objects and the spaces they inhabit.

Honours student Rachel Jones creates series of objects and then instructs viewers to interact with them. Bachelors student Alison Roberts flips this procedure by asking viewers to create instructions for the artist herself to create artworks out of the objects in her studio. In this way the works defer the subjecthood of the artist and instead focus on the agency of the objects, materials and the potential of process.

The completing students exhibition is an annual event at the Switchback Gallery, showcasing the exciting range of approaches and the strong engagement with contemporary art practice within the Gippsland Centre for Art and Design.