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Christopher Miller, Ghost 2014. Photograph 30 x 20 cm


Wed 6 Aug - Thu 28 Aug 2014

This exhibition showcased works by second year visual arts students at FedUni Gippsland.

Featuring works by students at the mid-point of their bachelor degree, the exhibition gave a foretaste of the work of Gippsland's next crop of emerging artists.

Artists often talk about the 'Second-Year Slump' they experienced at art school, as they lost their native and grappled with forming a mature artistic identity. Perhaps it is a reflection of the hero's journey in many mythical narratives, where the protagonist experiences a time in the wilderness, a doubting of their own destiny. It's certainly true that art school is primarily an identity-forming experience and a true investigation of identity often includes a sloughing off of one skin and the donning of another. Some artists never experience this mid-course trauma – for them art school is looked back on as a kind of paradise, where for the first time they came together with like-minded souls and revealed in the constant new discoveries.

There's little sign of a slump with this group, which has put together a spectacular show that addresses key contemporary issues in gutsy and engaging ways, showing that the region continues to produce exciting emerging artists who can move confidently into the metropolitan and national art scenes or make a name for themselves locally.