Heather Shimmen, Blue blood, linocut and hand colouring, 48 cm diameter


Wed 4 Jun - Thu 31 Jul 2014

An exhibition of prints exploring the theme of the body by 23 contemporary Australian artists.

Featuring works by major artists from around Australia, CORPOREAL — which was conceived by leading Australian printmaker and curator Rona Green — gives a snapshot of a range of contemporary ways of looking at a perennial topic.

The body is a theme that is never exhausted in visual art. From the first primitive body decorations to the latest virtual worlds, a central concern of artists has been how we feel about our body — its power, its health and its identity. Urgency has been added to this topic in recent decades by the onset of genetic engineering, new body-imaging technologies, cyber-extensions, transgenic viruses, new ways of viewing gender and media-fuelled body anxiety.

Each new generation produces a new wave of figurative images which interrogate age-old questions in contemporary ways. With all its imperfections, the human body is the most perfectly flawed machine ever made and we can't resist depicting it. This is a rich and varied exhibition by many major names in Australian printmaking.