Image: (left) Rhett D'Costa Somersault (detail) 2013. Vaulting Horse, inkjet photographic print, polyester ribbon, vinyl text, dimensions: variable. Image (right): Rhett D'Costa Elsewhere: A Wanderer/P.O.S.H./Throughbred digital photograph

Shimmering Spaces: Exhibition 3

Wed 17 Apr - Fri 17 May 2013

Rhett D’Costa’s recent work focuses on his dual British/Indian ethnicity and draws on experiences relating to memory, ethnicity and identity.

Spanning colonial and postcolonial theory, textuality and genealogy of place, the artworks engage with ideas of identity by opening up the ‘space between’ two cultures – Britain and India. It positions this negotiated space as one of instability and fracture and by looking at this idea of ‘in-betweenness’, it collapses binary and oppositional distinctions.

The project gives permission for the primary voice of an Anglo-Indian to speak directly from experience. The word, ‘Shimmer’ alludes to the optical phenomena of light fracturing space, but focuses on this phenomenon as a metaphorical space of instability, uncertainty, unpredictability - unstable and changing.