Image: (left) Rhett D'Costa Somersault (detail) 2013. Vaulting Horse, inkjet photographic print, polyester ribbon, vinyl text, dimensions: variable. Image (right): Rhett D'Costa Elsewhere: A Wanderer/P.O.S.H./Throughbred digital photograph

Shimmering Spaces: Exhibition 3

Wed 17 Apr - Fri 17 May 2013

Rhett D’Costa’s recent work focuses on his dual British/Indian ethnicity and draws on experiences relating to memory, ethnicity and identity.

Spanning colonial and post-colonial theory, textuality and genealogy of place, the artworks engage with ideas of identity by opening up the ‘space between’ two cultures – Britain and India. It positions this negotiated space as one of instability and fracture and by looking at this idea of ‘in-betweenness’, it collapses binary and oppositional distinctions.

The project gives permission for the primary voice of an Anglo-Indian to speak directly from experience. The word, ‘Shimmer’ alludes to the optical phenomena of light fracturing space, but focuses on this phenomenon as a metaphorical space of instability, uncertainty, unpredictability - unstable and changing.