Kim McDonald, Touch, installation, George Paton Gallery, Melbourne, 2011

ZONE of SENSATION: finding oneself beyond sight

Wed 8 Aug - Thu 30 Aug 2012

ZONE of SENSATION was an installation work by South Gippsland artist Kim McDonald.

The exhibition was the outcome of the artist's Masters research at Gippsland Centre for Art and Design and was an immersive, whole-of-body experience. This was an exciting contemporary art experience, which engaged with the idea of synaesthesia - the crossing over of the senses. It explored the idea of seeing with the skin and touching with the eyes and questions the limits of bodily boundaries and portals.

Encompassing a range of media from printmaking to projection, found objects to photography, the show provided unexpected junctions between various sensory experiences.

Installation by Kim McDonald
Curated by Rodney Forbes