Zahidah 5, 2012 acrylic and oil on canvas 168x124cm


Wed 11 Jul - Sat 4 Aug 2012

Paintings by United Arab Emirates (UAE)-based Syrian artist Zahidah Zeytoun Millie
Curated by Rodney Forbes

Zahidah's work examines the loss of traditional village life and architecture in Arab countries.

Her paintings enact cultural recovery through exploring her family heritages. They also critique the ‘Starchitecture' development so prevalent in the Gulf countries. She writes, ‘My current work project communicates how I fit with rapid architectural developments in the UAE, the stories and events that influenced my childhood, and the current powerful popular uprisings that I am witnessing across the Arab world. Connections to the ancient civilisations of my Syrian history, to traditional architectural practices and to the Arab craft tradition of embroidery provide my project with the context within which to express discoveries and truths about people dear to me and the societies that I live in.'