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Charles Farrugia Fallen angel 2004 Glass, treated bio-found, mirror, metal alloy 10 x 16 x 9 cm


Wed 5 Oct - Thu 20 Oct 2011

Re-assembling the Past – the small works 1984 - 2011

Sculptor Charles Farrugia likes to imagine his works as museum collections  discovered by a post apocalyptic alien viewer. Micromirror7 looked back over 27 years of the development of his fascinating assemblages. Farrugia is known for his lake installations which float huge constructions on the surface of water, but this exhibition focused on his more intimate assemblages. Part beach-comber, part op-shopper, he collides constituent parts from wildly different contexts to achieve surprising juxtapositions of form.

Says the artist, "These artworks are collections from the flood of ‘awful' and ‘beautiful' forms invading our senses in a consumer torrent at any shopping centre, and the found, biological remains at any beach. The works also involve the anonymous personal histories found in objects at opportunity shops, as discards and legacies of so many complex lives.'

Curated by Rodney Forbes.