Catherine Laudenbach, Cheviot Beach, digital print

Catherine Laudenbach: PLEASE BE CAREFUL

Tue 22 Feb - Thu 17 Mar 2011

Catherine Laudenbach’s photographs investigate Australian places of trauma.

This included the Stuart Highway in the Northern Territory where British tourist Peter Falconio was murdered and his girlfriend abducted, Cheviot Beach where Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt vanished, and the Belanglo State Forest where a serial killer dumped his backpacker murder victims. Laudenbach asks, “What role can the camera play in interrogating these ‘badlands’”?

The artist invited us to look at images of these places of trauma and compare that to what we know/imagine about them, and then question how we see both the ordinary and the mythical.

Catherine Laudenbach was a Master of Fine Arts candidate at Gippsland Centre for Art and Design, Faculty of Art and Design, Monash University.

Image: Catherine Laudenbach, Cheviot Beach, digital print