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Our strategic responses to these trends

What we will do

Build Australasia’s leading community-embedded university

Create opportunities for community integration in our campuses, our programs, our research and our business parks, creating long lasting and impactful outcomes.

Offer Australia’s best multi-sector educational pathways and experience

Provide a range of locally appropriate pathway opportunities for all that best meets the needs of our client communities, and which in turn maximise the employability of our graduates, on the local, national and international stage.

Understand and support learner diversity

Provide a suite of educational opportunities and programs that embrace diversity, and which reflect an increasingly divergent customer base, through the use of effective market intelligence, engagement, monitoring and improvement.

Become the partner of choice for regional employers and industry and government

Partner regional employers with large-scale skills and research program needs that are most capable of growth, and which require new skills and technology. Create a regional competitive advantage for those businesses and communities that we serve, applying those models to other markets.

Grow the economic and cultural opportunities of the regions and communities we serve

Create new ways to partner with communities and regions that deliver joined-up, integrated, planned and sustainable economic development outcomes, focusing on investment attraction, commercial partnerships, jobs creation, the arts and the visitor economy.

Create new ways of working together

Use teams based and dynamic project structures that support responsiveness, agility, individual skills growth, innovation and entrepreneurialism within our staff cohorts as well as across the broader community