Performance Review and Development Program (PRDP)

The Performance Review and Development Program (PRDP) is the University's performance management process whereby strategic priorities and objectives are aligned to the performance and professional development of employees.

The PRDP cycle is a seven-step cycle consisting of three stages:

StagePurpose Time frames
1 Performance and Professional Development Planning The employee and PRDP supervisor develop and agree on performance and development objectives, tasks and performance indicators for the PRDP cycle. October - February
2 Monitoring Objectives The PRDP supervisor and employee to monitor performance and professional development progress; provide and/or receive feedback; and identify any issues that may impact on the currency of the objectives. March - September
3 Performance and Professional Development Review The PRDP supervisor and employee review the employee's achievement or non-achievement of the performance and development objectives, including the effectiveness of any professional development and/or training undertaken, during the PRDP cycle. October - December

Image: PRDP development process wheel

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