2014 recipients


Name School/Section
Geraldine Lewis Industry Skills Centre

Awarded for working well beyond the requirements of the initial securing of a commercial contract; interacting with clients throughout the duration of the project and communicating responsively when issues arise. 

This nomination detailed Geraldine's active involvement in the marketing and sales of commercial programs from the ISC.  As a result of Geraldine's activities, several lucrative training contracts have been secured from local and interstate clients.

In addition Geraldine has broadened her role to consistently add value for both the clients and FedUni, and actively encouraged clients to add more training participants through funding opportunities, as well as customising training to increase enterprise involvement.

She has cultivated trusting relationships with key stakeholders within organisation's undertaking industry based training; with many of our clients, FedUni have become the first point of contact for all training related matters due to the level of trust that has been developed with Geraldine, and supported by effective working relationships with ISC teachers and managers.


Name School/Section
Tulsa Andrews Faculty of Health
Chris Brown Faculty of Health

Awarded for demonstrating excellence in adopting, and inviting other staff to adopt, eLearning strategies in their teaching, and establishing productive relationships by working closely with academics to advance and implement new learning and teaching strategies for transitioning towards a blended model of delivery.

Chris and Tulsa have been pro-active in researching, sourcing, developing and sharing engaging blended delivery techniques, strategies, software and hardware.

Their work has made a major contribution to staff collaboration across a range of disciplines and contributed to improved efficiencies in teaching and learning, and academic administration.


Name School/Section
The Hairdressing Team, comprising —
Celeste Burns Industry Skills Centre
Thea Burns Industry Skills Centre
Shirley Heffernan Industry Skills Centre
Natalie Okely Industry Skills Centre
Judy-Ann Quilliam Learning and Quality
Leanne Tigchelaar Industry Skills Centre

Awarded for embracing the University's strategic priorities to break away from traditional classroom learning to blended learning; and development of the salon as a commercial enterprise and student mentoring environment in the face of significant competitive challenges.

This nomination documented the consistent strategic initiatives that have been successfully implemented in the hairdressing program over the past four years in a pro-active response to change. 

The hairdressing program is also leading other ISC programs by being the first to embrace and complete assessment tool development to the new FedUni tools.  This has been achieved because of consistent leadership in education and excellence demonstrated over time, by the entire team.

The team is now expanding into other platforms such as School Board, Learning and Teaching Committee, Professional Development and change in job roles within the University beyond the hairdressing program, to share, develop and grow excellence, education and quality, for Federation University Australia.


Name School/Section
Joanne Menzies Engagement

Awarded for her outstanding contribution driving change and developing the capability and capacity of DSP partner-based library staff to support Higher Education students enrolled in DSP programs.

This nomination reflects the outstanding contribution Joanne has made to library, and more broadly, partner staff and student services development and delivery since her appointment.  Through her drive and commitment to the ethos of collaboration and sharing of best practice, Joanne has been instrumental in driving new approaches to the way that FedUni Library supports all partner based staff and students.

Her work in establishing and supporting a networked Community of Practice across our DSP Partner libraries that has developed a consistent model of service to our students studying at those partners.  This model now influences the way FedUni manage library support at other partners and changed the focus from FedUni librarians delivering programs, to supporting and empowering partner librarians to do this.

Joanne's commitment to professionalism and inclusiveness has been embraced by the DSP partner staff as well as FedUni Library, CLIPP and CUP staff.  More importantly, Joanne's commitment to delivery of excellent client service, and the model developed, has been recognised by her peers and shared in various forums including at the national Australian and Library Information Association conference (September 2014).


 There were no nominations in the category of Reconciliation.