E J Barker Fellowship

The E J Barker Fellowship was established by the University Council to support the professional development of academic and teaching staff.  The Fellowship is awarded biennially (in years ending with an even number).

The Fellowship is named in honour of Mr E J (Jack) Barker, a former lecturer in mechanical engineering at the School of Mines and Industries (SMB) - a predecessor institution of Federation University.  Jack Barker's career in education in Ballarat began in 1949 with his appointment to the staff of SMB.  In 1960 he was appointed Vice-Principal and in 1964 became Principal of SMB.  He continued in this position until 1976, when he was appointed as the Foundation Director of the Ballarat College of Advanced Education, a role he filled with distinction until his retirement in 1987.  In 1985-86 Jack Barker served as Chair of the Australian Committee of Directors and Principals in Advanced Education.

2016 recipients

In 2016, the Fellowship Committee found that it could not split two applications. After requesting and considering additional information, the Committee recommended both applications be awarded the 2016 E J Barker Fellowship and equally share the Fellowship's $12,000 funding allocation.  Executive Dean, Professor John McDonald, agreed that a further $12,000 would be funded from the Faculty of Education and Arts budget.

Dr Angela Campbell Senior Lecturer, Critical Studies Faculty of Education and Arts
Aims to scope and prepare a new Undergraduate Program in Applied Creative Arts and Industries that is flexible and able to be delivered from within students’ own communities.  The Fellowship will enable her to travel to the United Kingdom (UK) and benchmark this Program against world standard best practice with particular reference to locating student demand, enhancing community connection and building industry and regional relevance.  This will complement the current shared commitment to regional-based education between FedUni and the University of the Highlands and Islands in the UK.
Dr Monica Green Senior Lecturer Faculty of Education and Arts
Aims to further enhance her role in the development of ‘place-based’ teaching innovations that occur in outdoor settings including curriculum design.  Dr Green will visit and observe the educational system in parts of Finland where this learning is at the forefront.  Dr Green will examine the university teacher education programs with affiliated university schools, nature schools and nature centres.  This will complement the innovative teacher education practices she is leading at the Gippsland Campus with local schools and the broader Gippsland community.

Scope and eligibility

Academic and teaching staff of the University employed in their current position for a minimum of 12 months, in either a continuing or fixed-term position which extends for at least one year beyond the completion of the proposed program submitted, are eligible to apply for the Fellowship.  The Fellowship will not normally be made available to Deans/Directors/General Managers.

The Fellowship may be used for a structured program to support and enhance the professional knowledge, skills and abilities of University staff. Examples of appropriate activities include: inter-institutional visit(s) to other Universities (especially dual-sector institutions), TAFE Institutes and/or professional association(s); advanced leadership and/or discipline specific short courses; study tours and/or industry placements.  The Fellowship is not available to fund research, research training or formal award courses.

Applicants for the Fellowship must be able to demonstrate how the proposed program supports the Transforming Lives and Enhancing Communities - Strategic Plan 2018 – 2022 (pdf, 3.99mb), particularly University values and current priorities.  The program must be of relevance to the applicant's current position and/or career development.

Applications require the endorsement of the relevant Dean/Director/General Manager.  Deans will use the Performance Review and Development Program (PRDP) to help identify, support and encourage Fellowship nominations.  The successful applicant will be required to confirm the ways in which they will seek to transfer and share their Fellowship experiences with work colleagues and the broader University community.

The Fellowship is valued at a maximum of $12,000 and all funds allocated must be expended within one year of the announcement of the Fellowship.

Within six to eight weeks of completing the Fellowship program, the successful applicant must provide a final written report to the Vice-Chancellor, which will briefly outline the program undertaken, identify its outcomes and indicate how the outcomes have been/will be disseminated within the University.

Please note that if the recipient of an Award resigns from the University within 12 months of the Award's announcement, they may be required by the University to re-pay in whole or part of Award funds expended.

Application and selection processes

The E J Barker Fellowship Committee oversees the application and selection processes. The Committee is established by the Vice-Chancellor and comprises:

  • A lay member of University Council (as Chair);
  • Chair of Academic Board or nominee;
  • A member of the Academic Board; and
  • A nominee of the Vice-Chancellor.

The Committee will reflect gender representation in its composition.

The Committee through the nominee of the Vice-Chancellor will call for applications, consider them against the selection criteria and make a recommendation to the Vice-Chancellor on the awarding of the Fellowship. The Vice-Chancellor will report the outcome to the University Council.


Other questions

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