Associate/Pending HR online system

Applicants that require Federation University system access i.e. Email, network access and other online resources must submit an 'Associate/Pending HR' online application form.

Please read the definitions below to ensure you select the correct form for processing.

Associate position

An 'Associate' is considered to be a person that has association with Federation University however they do/will not occupy a paid employment contract with the University (unpaid person).

An Associate can be:

  • A contractor (who is paid, but is not on the Federation University employee payroll);
  • Honorary appointment (i.e. an Honorary academic);
  • Partner staff member Associate or contractor (not a paid employee); or
  • Other approved association with Federation University requiring system access (not a paid employee).

Pending HR position

A 'Pending HR' position should only be selected for a person who will become a paid Federation University employee. This option should only be selected for new staff commencing employment or an existing staff member commencing a new employment contract with Federation University.

A 'Pending HR' position is for:

  • Paid Federation employees only;
  • New staff commencing employment with Federation University;
  • Existing staff member commencing a new employment contract with Federation University; or
  • Casual and fixed-term appointments.

Training manual

Technical support

Can't find the answer to your question above? For all enquiries relating to:

  • login credentials
  • login issues, or
  • form functionality issues

Contact the ITS Service Desk by telephoning 1800 333 864 or log a job via the Service Desk portal.