Return to work

When will a return-to-work plan begin?

Planning for your return to work (RTW) will usually commence as soon as you notify your manager/supervisor or the Co-ordinator, Workplace Support you have an injury or illness. This can often be an informal process where short term modified duties are provided as per the instructions from your treating doctor.

The University is required to start planning for your RTW as soon as it becomes aware of your injury. The return-to-work plan can be drawn up by the Co-ordinator, Workplace Support or you may choose your own Occupational Rehabilitation Provider from a list of approved providers. In certain circumstances the University may choose to engage an Occupational Rehabilitation Provider to manage the return to work, again you will be offered a choice from a list of approved providers.

In most cases the return to work plan will seek to provide you with modified pre-injury duties. If you are not able to undertake any of your pre-injury duties, the return to work plan will offer suitable alternative duties while you recover.

The return to work plan will be developed in consultation with you, your manager/supervisor and treating doctor. The plan will have suitable and productive duties for you to complete and will be consistent with the medical advice provided.

If a staff member is unable to return to work for any period of time due to a work related injury or illness, the Coordinator, Workplace Support and your manager/supervisor will keep in contact with you. The Co-ordinator, Workplace Support will also contact your treating doctor to discuss the injury and to ascertain when a return to work may be possible.

The University will take all reasonable steps to provide appropriate duties within the physical and medical restrictions.

It is expected that where a treating doctor indicates an injured staff member can continue to work undertaking alternative or modified duties, the staff member will comply with the medical opinion if suitable duties are available.

The Accident Compensation Act 1985 sets out obligations about RTW for both the University and injured staff member.Click here to read RTW obligations and expectations.


When you sign the WorkCover Claim Form you are giving medical consent for information regarding your workplace injury or illness to be given to the VWA, the University (as your employer) and the insurer/claims agent. Only information relating to the WorkCover claim will be discussed.

Confidentiality of information obtained about a staff member during the return to work process or while undertaking occupational rehabilitation services will be maintained. Information given in the claim form (ie. witnesses) will be verified with relevant parties, which may include independent medical assessors, insurance investigators, managers/supervisors or colleagues.*

* Source: UB Occupational Rehabilitation Program