Accident Compensation Act 1985
Legislation enacted by the Victorian Government to provide compensation support to workers injured at work. The legislation also tell employers how they must act in assisting an injured worker.
Alternative duties
Appropriate duties within medical restrictions, but not related to pre-injury duties.
Certificate of Capacity
Approved medical certificate to be provided by treatment provider for work-related injury or illness.
Current work capacity
Not able to return to the duties undertaken prior to being injured but is able to return to suitable employment.
No current work capacity
Not able to return to work in any capacity.
Suitable employment
Duties or tasks that are medically approved to suit the injured staff members physical and/or medical capacity, within the meaning of the Accident Compensation Act 1985.
Modifiable duties
Duties similar to your pre-injury employment, but with modifications for medical or physical restrictions.
Independent medical
A medical examination undertaken by a doctor appointed by the VWA.
Approved company appointed by the VWA to administer compensation claims.
Occupational Rehabilitation Provider
Independent provider, chosen by the staff member or employed by the University, to provide occupational rehabilitation services and facilitate a return to work.
Pre-injury Average Weekly Earnings. Earnings are calculated by the Insurer using your average weekly earnings for the 12 months prior to your injury.
Pre-injury employment
Employment in a position that is the same as, or equivalent to, the position held before the workplace injury
Return to work.
RTW plan
A written action plan provided by the University to explain how we will help you stay at work while you recover or return to work as soon as possible following a work-related injury or illness.
Treating doctor
A medical professional chosen by the staff member.
Victorian WorkCover Authority.