TM Thrive

As part of our commitment to creating a great place to work all employees are encouraged to register for TM Thrive, a digital workplace psychological health and safety program.

The program is officially live and you can sign up:

TM Thrive has been designed incorporating the evidence based 7 Workplace Strategies framework. The 7 Workplace Strategies are a set of best practice and research-informed workplace strategies that have been identified to create psychologically safe and thriving workplaces (Harvey et al, 2014).

Download the TM Thrive information poster (pdf, 97kb)

Each workplace strategy is focused on minimising the impact of workplace risk factors on mental health and maximising potential protective factors.

By joining TM Thrive all leaders and staff will have unlimited access to action-based learning modules to understand the 7 Workplace Strategies and apply the learnings directly in the work and personal environments.

What you can expect

Learn by doing: This isn’t a typical tick and flick learning platform, instead it is focused on behaviour change. Visit the Capability Building section to enrol in certificates and badges full of practical activities and tips, using a range of learning approaches.

Expand your knowledge: Visit the intuitive library for evidence-based and behaviour change-orientated content.

Regular updates: Every month you will be nudged towards new content and micro-learning modules to continue your growth.

Focus on self-care: Inside the platform are a range of resources and tools to support you to thrive. This includes educational badges on self-care, 50+ mindfulness audios and a gratitude diary.

Why TM Thrive?

Evidence-based: TM Thrive follows the 7-workplace strategies framework that is practically aligned to the ISO 45003 Psychological Health and Safety at Work.

Ingrained: The applied learning style is effectively blended into work and life to take theory to practice and provide real-world impact.

Sustainable: This is a tool and resource you can use every day to keep workplace psychological safety and personal wellbeing front of mind.