Report an incident

You may decide that you want to report the sexual assault to the police and/or the University. This is an individual decision which only YOU can make.

Report to the police

It can be difficult to report your experience to the police. Making the decision to report sexual assault is an important personal choice. In reaching that decision, you may wish to seek advice and guidance from others. You can withdraw from the process at any time.

If the sexual assault is in any way connected to the University, we can provide support in dealing with the police.

View information about reporting sexual assault to police on Police Victoria website. Students studying interstate will need to refer to the Police Sexual Assault page on the police website for your state.

Report to the University

We have no tolerance for sexual violence or sexual assault. If the incident that you have experienced is in any way connected to the University, you are encouraged to make a report. Examples of how an incident can be connected to the University include, but not limited to a sexual assault:

  • perpetrated by a FedUni student (on or off campus)
  • perpetrated by a FedUni staff member (on or off campus)
  • occurring on a FedUni campus or property
  • occurring at a FedUni excursion, event or activity (on or off campus)

You are strongly encouraged to report any incidents of sexual assault connected to the University to Equity and Equal Opportunity (students and staff). Students studying at a partner at location can report to Support Staff at their teaching location. The staff can assist you by providing:

  • A confidential point of contact to facilitate access to support services
  • Assist with police reporting
  • Understand University incident reporting and complaint processes
  • Make a record of incidents (formal and informal)
  • Explain what happens next, and
  • Facilitate personal safety plans and contact with University security.