FedUni's response to family and domestic violence

FedUni recognises that family and domestic violence has impacts outside the home. Family and domestic violence can have impacts within FedUni, as it can affect the ability of staff and students to engage fully and safely in their work and study. The impacts can be through a range of factors such as emotional trauma, injury, need for time off or a need for personal protection at uni.

To demonstrate our stance against family and domestic violence and to guide the way we support staff and students who have disclosed they are experiencing family and domestic violence, FedUni has developed a Family and Domestic Violence Policy and Procedure

The Family and Domestic Violence Procedure provides a step by step guide for:

  • Staff and students who wish to disclose family and domestic violence situations and request support
  • Any staff who have received a report or request for support/assistance, from a staff member or student, in a family or domestic violence matter.

The key formal provisions that support staff or students experiencing family and domestic violence are;

Staff Domestic Violence Leave: Academic and General Staff can access leave, and where appropriate, access to changes in working arrangements, under the miscellaneous and other leave provisions of the Union Collective Agreement 2015-2018 (pdf, 35kb).

TAFE staff can access leave under the Special Leave Provisions of the Victorian TAFE Teaching staff Multi-Business Agreement (MBA) 2009 (pdf, 265kb)

Students: Special Consideration: Applications for Special consideration can be made on the grounds of hardship/trauma when experiencing family and domestic violence.

Risk Assessments: Students and staff can contact Security if they are at risk of experiencing family and domestic violence at the University. The security officer will conduct the risk assessment with the view of working with the student or staff member to develop strategies to reduce the risk.

Violence Protection Plans: The University can develop a violence protection plan for students or staff with identified risks of family or domestic violence impacting them at the University. On completing of a risk assessment, Security staff will develop and assist with the implementation of the agreed plan. Plans are reviewed regularly and amended to suit changes to the level of risk.