Education and training programs

We have two targeted education and training programs for staff and students to increase their awareness of the prevalence and impact of family and domestic violence, and to develop the skills to respond to disclosures of family and domestic violence.

White Ribbon Foundation Training - Online

This online training is available via Moodle and was designed by White Ribbon for individuals to develop a greater level of awareness and understanding regarding the prevalence, impact and causes of family and domestic violence. It outlines the myths and realities of family violence and educates on how to prevent family violence. Lastly, it advises on how to respond to family and domestic violence.

The program consists of a seven modules. The time required to complete all modules is approximately 45 minutes. It is recommended that participants attempt to complete all modules in one sitting; however, progress can be saved at any point and returned to at a later date.

Access the White Ribbon Foundation Training online

Family and Domestic Violence Policy – Supervisor workshop

This workshop is designed for those who are in supervisory roles and educates staff about:

  • Family and Domestic Violence Policy and Procedure
  • How to create safe environments for staff disclosure, and
  • How to respond when family and domestic violence impacts the workplace.

Workshop availability will be promoted via FedNews.

Duration: 60 minutes