Mailroom and logistics operation Gippsland

Scope: To provide staff and students with an efficient and cost effective mail service.

Hours of operation : 8.30 am to 4.30 pm

Contact : 5122 6687 or

Location : 4N176

Addressing incoming mail and goods

Correctly addressed mail will help ensure the professional image of the University is maintained in efficient delivery to the recipient. Please see the Australia Post addressing guidelines for further information.

Courier deliveries (to a physical location)

Federation University Australia
Name :
1 Northways Road
Churchill 3842

Mail (to a post office box)

Federation University Australia
Name :
PO Box 3191
Gippsland Mail Centre 3841

Mailroom staff

The mailroom staff are responsible for

  • Sorting incoming and outgoing mail
  • Delivering and collecting mail and goods daily around the campus
  • Processing outgoing mail and goods
  • Providing general information and advice for use of Australia Post and courier services

Australia Post

Australia Post delivers mail to the mailroom each morning at approximately 8.30am and pick up outgoing mail each afternoon at approximately 4.00pm.

International mail

International mail and parcels will be processed through DHL global mail services. Items that exceed 500 grams in weight must have a customs declaration completed by the sender. All non-documents will need a custom declaration also. These forms are available from the Mailroom.

This is not a courier service and tracking is not available.

Courier services

Courier services offer fast delivery and tracking. Some restrictions apply when sending non documents. For ad hoc requests a BEIMS may be required

The Mailroom have accounts with the following courier companies :

  • Startrack – National
  • Toll– National
  • DHL– International (customs declaration required for all non-documents). Address details need to include contact name, telephone number and FULL street address (no PO Box numbers accepted except for PNG and UAE).These couriers provide a daily run to the campus. All items need to be at the Mailroom before 2 pm for processing. If placing an item in the mailbag for collection, please mark for Courier if not already placed in a satchel.
  • For an urgent one-off delivery, contact the Mailroom to organise a quote or make arrangements. Please contact the Mailroom staff for further assistance.

Internal mail

Mail is sent to Mt Helen and Berwick campuses three days a week – Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Mail/parcels are sent via courier or express post, depending on cost. Any urgent mail needs to be clearly marked so it can be processed accordingly.

Daily mail run

Mailbags are located at one point in each faculty/department. All mail and parcels will be delivered and collected once daily from these locations. The morning run commences at approximately 10.30 am with this time varying depending on the volume of mail received. Please ensure your mail bag is checked daily and ready for collection. If you have missed the mail run you can bring mail directly to the Mailroom by 3 pm.

Large packages

For large items to be collected and brought to the mailroom for processing, contact the Mailroom staff. A BEIMS request may be required for building attendant assistance.

When ordering goods that require a fork lift, the University has qualified drivers available between 8.30 am and 4.20 pm only.

Large mail outs

Please email to notify staff of large mail outs to ensure sufficient resources are available.

Large mail outs are defined as:

  • Exceed 300 in number of small letters – DL envelopes (24 hours notice)
  • Exceed 100 in number of large letters – A5-C3 envelopes (24 hours notice)
  • Exceed 100 in number of parcels (48 hours notice)

Registered mail and courier mail

All incoming registered and courier mail/parcels are recorded in a certified mail register and then delivered.

Personal mail and parcels

Personal mail distribution is not the responsibility of the mailroom and is discouraged.

Dangerous/hazardous mail

Some substances cannot be posted within Australia or oversees, for instance, items that are explosive, highly flammable, radioactive or otherwise dangerous. Please read Australia Post’s Dangerous and Prohibited Goods and Packaging Post Guide for further information or contact the mailroom staff.

Reply Paid

Please contact to organise this services. If a template has already been provided please contact Print Services for printing.

Paper supply

The Mailroom stocks locally produced recycled A4 and A3 white copy paper.

Printer cartridge recycling

Leave your used printer cartridges, clearly marked for recycling, with your mailbag. These will be collected and sent off for recycling.

New staff /staff movements

For efficiency in delivering mail and parcels, it is important to advise the mailroom staff of new staff commencing and staff movements and re-locations. For any assistance with mail and parcel delivery, call ext 26687 or email