Ballarat and Wimmera

Requesting maintenance work

Authorised school/section representatives have access to our online works and maintenance management system (BEIMS) and all maintenance requests should be entered into the system. Your school/section representative will lodge the request and act as the contact person for any follow up communication with Facilities Services. Only registered users of the system are permitted to lodge requests via this BEIMS web link. Requests can range from changing a flickering light to repairing a faulty door closer.

Renovation works are not covered as maintenance. These works can be carried out by Facilities Services provided an appropriate account code is supplied or approval received as a minor capital works item. Contact Facilities Services for more information.

Request a key or access control card

Key/access requests are handled through Facilities Services.

Please keep in mind when requesting keys that it could take up to seven days to issue a key or have a key cut. Please allow up to five days for alterations to access control cards.

Requests for keys or alterations to access cards should be made electronically via the works and maintenance management system (BEIMS). Lodge your requests through your section/school-appointed requester. The request will be evaluated and a form will be emailed to the requester which will require signing by the Head of your Department. An email will be sent to the requester when the keys are ready for collection. The nominated key holder will then need to bring the appropriate signed form to the Facilities Services office when collecting keys.

Requesting assistance in moving office

If furniture is to be moved e.g. when a staff member is moving office, Facilities Services can assist with the relocation. Your school/section representative should enter an online request detailing the required moves and ensure it has been endorsed by the appropriate manager of the School or branch. Please ensure that the request is received by Facilities Services at least three working days prior to the required move date - longer for large moves.

Issues relating to the transfer of phones and computers need to be addressed to the ITS Service Desk.

Booking a room

All room bookings are to be made with Timetabling who will notify Facilities Services regarding all after-hours bookings. Facilities Services pass the information to Security and make the appropriate settings for heating as required.

If you don't want to freeze and /or be asked to leave the building, make sure the room has been booked.

Altering room temperature

If the temperature of the building or the area you work in is obviously not as it should be, please contact the Facilities Services office and the problem will be investigated.

If you would like the temperature setting for your work area altered, a request needs to be forwarded from the manager of the area to alter the temperature setting. The online works and maintenance management system may be used for such a request but authorisation from your area manager is still necessary.

Before booking upper floor rooms in Mt Helen's F Building

Please read the Guide to Using Building F (doc, 36kb) document carefully before making a room booking for this area. The document explains the ways in which the recently refurbished rooms and associated spaces can be utilised.

Parking issues

Parking issues are managed by Facilities Service, please contact ext: 9520