Emergencies and general assistance

For emergencies requiring Security Officers, police, ambulance or fire service attendance please go to our Emergency and security webpage for all relevant information and contact numbers.

Emergency Assistance posts are located at Mt Helen and Gippsland and are strategically located to enable anyone on campus to quickly and easily make a call directly to Security. For information on how to operate these posts please go to our Emergency posts webpage.

In case of fire

Many buildings are fitted with automated fire/smoke alarms. Whenever an alarm is triggered, Facilities Services and the fire brigade will be automatically notified and a number of trucks dispatched. The fire alarm for the relevant building will sound, followed a short time later by a siren tone and a recorded message instructing people to evacuate the building. All people in the building must evacuate when the instructions are broadcast or when instructed to evacuate by the Campus or Area Warden. In buildings where automatic alarms are not fitted, Area Wardens will issue instructions to evacuate as required. For further information regarding the evacuation of buildings contact the Risk, Health and Safety Manager.

Note on false alarms: The fire brigade always attends once an alarm is triggered at the University. It can be more than a bit embarrassing (and expensive) to find a dozen firemen descending on the staff room after overdoing the toasted sandwiches for lunch, so make sure you have lots of Vegemite to go around.

Mt Helen Campus - Bushfire Emergency Plan

All staff, students, and visitors to the Mt Helen Campus are encouraged to review the document in advance and follow the instructions as outlined.