Workplace flexibility

FedUni strives to provide a flexible workplace and, through its managers, will consider seriously request from staff members who wish to make changes to help them better balance their work and personal lives.

FedUni acknowledges that many benefits can occur for the employee and the workplace when both manager and staff member engage positively in the process of negotiating changed working conditions.

FedUni is also committed to fulfil external (legislative) expectations around flexibility for staff, particularly those with parental or carer responsibilities.

Leave and work life balance web resource

This comprehensive web resource has been developed to assist staff and managers to understand the options and assistance available at FedUni to assist in balancing work and family/person responsibilities.

Access the leave and work life balance web resource for information on a range of topics relevant to work/family/personal life balance, and links to existing entitlements, policies and resources.

Work and family/personal life balance toolkits

Equity and Equal Opportunity, in conjunction with Human Resources, has developed three toolkits to assist staff and mangers consider and discuss changed work arrangements to enable a "better fit" between work and outside-work lives.

These toolkits can be used as information sources or as a series of guided conversations to help managers and staff work through the process of changing work arrangements.

Each toolkit also has a number of case studies providing examples of how FedUni staff and managers have handled these types of situations.