Racism prevention

Forms of racism

The Australian Human Rights Commission recognises that 'racism can take many forms, such as jokes or comments that cause offence or hurt, sometimes unintentionally; name-calling or verbal abuse; harassment or intimidation, or commentary in the media or online that inflames hostility towards certain groups. At its most serious, racism can result in acts of physical abuse and violence. Racism can directly or indirectly exclude people from accessing services or participating in employment, education, sport and social activities. It can also occur at a systemic or institutional level through policies, conditions or practices that disadvantage certain groups. It often manifests through unconscious bias or prejudice.'

Casual racism is particularly important to recognise and stand against. Casual racism can include seemingly offhand comments and actions that result in stereotyping and prejudice.

For more information about racism, visit the Australian Human Rights Commission's 'Racism it stops with me' website.

racism-video-2The 'Invisible Discriminator'

Beyond Blue has produced a clip titled 'The Invisible Discriminator' to highlight the impact of discrimination on
Indigenous Australians and to challenge everyone in Australia to check their behaviour, think about their actions and challenge discrimination when they see it happening.

View 'The Invisible Discriminator' video transcript.

FedUni’s commitment to preventing racism

All of us at FedUni are responsible for the creation of an inclusive environment where there is no place for racism. That is why the University has signed up to support the Australian Human Rights Commission's campaign 'Racism. It Stops With Me'. The campaign provides us with a focus to make our commitment meaningful.

FedUni has made solid progress in creating an inclusive organisation and in preventing racism. Our work in this area includes:

  • Policies and procedures which clearly state our commitment to freedom from discrimination and harassment, and to creating an environment which reflects and values the social and cultural diversity within the University community and the communities it serves
  • Social Inclusion Plan to assist FedUni fulfil its commitment to equity and social justice
  • Statement of Reconciliation and Reconciliation Action Plan which recognise the continued impact of racism on Indigenous Australians and commit the University to a process of reconciliation based on equality, respect and genuine opportunity
  • Online Equity Program for staff, and online information for students and staff, to raise awareness around discrimination and harassment

What you can do

Here is a selection of materials to help you find out more on racism in Australia and how you can take a stand.

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