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Practical file sizes

Video files are typically much larger in file size than other common file types. An average video has 25 frames per second of unique motion image information, which can add up in size quickly especially.
This in turn can make it difficult to transfer your file on the web, or via email. However there are ways to make your files smaller and more manageable on the web.

How do I upload video content to Kaltura?

With Kaltura it is setup to allow easy upload to moodle to either your My Media area or to a Moodle shell, It also allows you to share externally or via email by using the steps provided below.

  1. Log in to your Dashboard in Moodle.

  2. Go to your My Media Menu under the Navigation block.

  3. Choose to create a new video under the Add New menu or click edit to share your video with others.

  4. In the top of your video select share to share with

  5. Email the link to the people you want to have access or post to a area where you want people to have access to the video.

For more information on sharing your video using Kaltura refer to the  Kaltura sharing page.

How do I put my video on YouTube?

  1. Login to YouTube with your Google account
  2. Select Upload from the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Drag and drop your video file
  4. Fill in the video title, description and search tags in the corresponding forms.
  5. You can also set your videos privacy settings.
  6. Choose Unlisted if you wish to easily share the video without it being accessible/searchable without the link. 

    Even before the video has finished uploading, YouTube will provide you with the final URL to share.

Can I email my video?

This is possible, however this is not recommend as email servers usually have strict limitations on file attachment sizes. Microsoft Outlook at FedUni limits attachment sizes to around 20MB, which is extremely limiting for any video of reasonable length or visual quality. An alternative to this is to use Kaltura referred to above.

Need assistance?

If you need any assistance in this process please contact CLIPP;

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