Off-campus filming

If you are intending to capture footage on premises other than FedUni campuses then you must read and comply with the following guidelines as provided by FedUni Legal.

For all off-campus filming/photography, please read the Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Control (HIRAC) guidelines and complete a report prior to completing tasks off-campus.

Filming on public property

There is no general right of privacy in Australia that prevents people from filming in public spaces. However, some councils and authorities impose permit requirements in certain locations, particularly if the footage is for commercial use. Contact the relevant council or authority directly about restrictions and/or permit requirements. Fees may also be imposed.

Filming in parks and reserves

When accessing parks or reserves for filming or photography purposes, you may be required to hold a permit or licence. For more information on filming in parks or reserves, view this website.

Filming on private property

When accessing privately owned land you need to gain permission from the landowner or occupier before entry. Keep in mind that he or she has the right to deny entry and impose restrictions on any filming.

If permission is not obtained there is the risk of liability for trespass, which occurs with even the slightest interference with the land. The owner has the right to take legal action against you for filming after gaining unauthorised entry and could also obtain an injunction preventing you from using whatever footage is obtained.

It is also important to note that filming from outside of a property, from an adjacent block or above ground for example, permission should still be obtained from all affected landowners or occupiers.

Surveillance devices

In Victoria it may be an offence under the Surveillance Devices Act 1999 to use, record, communicate or publish information using a data surveillance device, a listening device, an optical surveillance device or a tracking device. The Surveillance Devices Act 1999 is available from