Location considerations

General tips

  • Consider an appropriate location, preferably a location that is both relevant and visually interesting.
  • Try to ensure that your location is relevant to your content.
  • Also try to make arrangements to reduce interruptions for the shoot.

Pre-location visit

Always visit your location beforehand.

  • Look for potential hazards or OH&S concerns. More information on HIRAC Guidelines.
  • Consider the set design, you may need to consider bringing props or even remove undesirable props (i.e. items you do not wish to appear in shot.)
  • Consider removing or hiding any visible inappropriate branding which may not be appropriate.
  • Locate power points and any other necessary fixtures or equipment.
  • Lighting – how is the location lit? Will you need to adjust the lighting in any way? Will you need to bring lighting equipment with you?
  • You may also need to locate nearby restrooms or food and beverage outlets.

Location planning

Here is a short video explaining why location planning is important:

Video by Jisc.

Booking a room

If you are planning on filming in a dedicated room on campus, we highly recommend booking the room via the online room booking system.

Click here to view the timetables and room booking website.

Off-campus filming

If you are intending to capture footage on premises other than Federation University campuses then you must read and comply with specific guidelines as provided by FedUni Legal Governance.

If you are filming in an outside open space on campus or out in the community, please remember some individuals, students and/or staff members may not what to be in the background of the video. Please give the surrounding audience warning before you start filming to avoid disruptions.