Program and course introductions

We are encouraging staff to consider using an introductory 'talking head' video as a means of welcoming students to the University and to their program or course of study.

This provides an accessible, quick overview of the program or course which can complement the more detailed and downloadable course description, and can help build relationships between staff and students. It will allow the student to put a 'face to the name' while gaining an understanding of what the program or course entails.

CLIPP is providing free video filming sessions for specific programs or courses. If you are interested in working collaboratively with CLIPP on a 2-3 minute video, please contact us.

Suggested video outline

  • Introduce yourself
  • Deliver the program/course learning objectives
  • Give a summary of what the program/course is about; outlining broad topics.
  • What does the program/course prepare students for?
  • Are there any particular prerequisites required?
  • Your expectations (readings, lecture attendance, tutorial participation, group work).
  • Conclusion

Supporting resources

Ballarat and surroundings


Other information

  • If your school has multiple videos to be developed, we would prefer a full day of filming to be organised if possible.
  • Please remember to allocate 30 minutes per video.
  • These resources will be made available publicly, and possibly on multiple platforms.
  • More information on planning your video

Let's get started

  1. Please read the program/course introduction and assessment guidelines
  2. Please fill in the information booking sheet
  3. Please email the booking sheet to the dedicated staff member at your campus.