Creating a basic video

This level of video creation is generally intended for an internal audience. You can adequately capture a simple video with a digital device like a smartphone, tablet, or a webcam. Basic videos do not require any editing; you start and stop your recording as required.

Development stages and support

1. Recording/developing (production)

You can record a video or screencast with the following links and support:

 Includes Tools and technologySupport

Teacher self-recorded 'talking head' or basic video content

No editing required
Smartphone, tablet or webcam

Teacher records and narrates basic screencast or PowerPoint.

No editing required
Kaltura, Camtasia Studio

2. Editing (post-production) - optional

While most basic video won't need any editing, you may wish to create a presentation with multiple components, e.g.

  • Video of teacher talking (either recorded with smartphone or tablet and imported into Camtasia, or recorded directly in Camtasia) together with narrated screencast or PowerPoint (recorded in Camtasia).

This will require some basic editing to splice those two elements together. This can be done directly in Camtasia Studio:

3. Publishing (delivery)

For information on how to publish your video in a format that you can use within your online course, see publishing your video.

Need assistance?

If you need assistance with general video creation/filming or support, please contact CLIPP.