Open content

There is a wealth of information available to you and your students on the internet, with much specifically developed and made freely available for educational purposes. Embedding this kind of content within your own Moodle course can be a great way of engaging your students and enhancing their learning experience.

Watch the following video for more information on how integrating online resources into your teaching can enhance learning for your students:

Play FedUni nursing video

There are different kinds of open content that are made available under different copyright arrangements.
How you use this content depends on how it has been made available.

General websites and shared online videos

You can freely link to legally available material on the internet from your Moodle course page.

With videos that have been made shareable through sites such as YouTube, YouTube EDU, Tube, TED – ideas worth spreading and iTunesU you can easily embed these videos into your Moodle course page.

By following the embedding procedure you are not copying the material as it is still being served from where it was originally hosted. You must not copy or 'rip' videos from these external sources and upload them to Moodle.

Resources and links

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