Using PDF Annotate for marking

In order to make use of the PDF annotation function you must ensure your students are submitting their assignments in PDF format. If they submit as a Word document or another file format this function will not always be available to you.

Opening the PDF annotator

  1. In order to use the PDF annotation you will need to enter the Assignment submissions as usual by clicking on your dropbox.
  2. Use the View/grade all submission link to view all submissions.

  3. Once in the submission section you will need to Lock all submissions to prevent students re-uploading assignments while you are marking the assignments.
  4. With the assignments locked, enter the grading section as normal by clicking in the ‘Edit’ Icon and selecting ‘Grade’ or by clicking the Grade button next to the relevant student.
  5. This will open up the assignment in a new window and allow you to begin annotating the assignment.

Features of the PDF annotator

The menu to the left of the screen holds all the options you need to annotate the assignment.

  • The Annotation text box, this is used to ‘insert a textbox and write your feedback.

  • Comments can be deleted with Delete comment or Added to quicklist for easier access to the by clicking the box in the top right of your  comment. 
  • They can also be moved around the screen by clicking and dragging on the comment while have the mouse icon selected in the tools bar.
  • Search Comments Button is used to search your entire document for any used comment you have used previously.

  • Filter Comments Visible/Hidden is used to toggle all comments in either in expanded or collapsed view.

  • The next button is the Textbox background colour. There are 6 colour variations to choose from.

  • The arrow button allows you to interact with the objects you place in the document. For instance moving the placement of a text box.

  • The free draw button allows you to draw in a pencil style. Much like in the program Microsoft paint.

  • The line button will allow you to make straight lines. This can be used to connect Text boxes with areas of the students writing or to connect objects together.

  • The square button can be used to highlight passages of text or draw attention to sections of the document.

  • The circle button allows you to do the same as the square button. Primarily to draw attention to area’s of the document

  • The highlighter button allows you to highlight the document’s text directly.

  • The ink drop button allows you to change the colour of the Lines, Square, Circle and Highlighter. Ensure you have selected the colour you want be for using a tool as it cannot be retrospectively changed.

  • The stamp tool allows you to put stamps on the document. Similar to the ticks and crosses you might get on annotated paper Documents

  • The Cross button is where you choose the style of stamp you want to use. You can choose from a tick, a cross, a happy face, and a sad face.

  • You are able to use the view switcher button located in the bottom right hand corner to switch between different views. One view is assessment, one for viewing the marking guide/ marking rubric and one which will display half and half.