Request teacher access

Before you can teach in Moodle, you must first request that you be added as a Lecturer. All staff require a University log on before access can be granted. In many instances faculty eLearning support people request allocation of staff to Moodle course areas at the commencement of each semester. However, should this not be the case, follow this procedure:

  1. First check Moodle, by searching for the course in the Course Finder box, to make sure you don't already have access.
  2. Contact the Service Desk, either call 9999 or request support using the ITS Service Desk portal.
  3. Ensure the subject of your request states that you would like Lecturer access to Moodle course
  4. Include the following information:
  • Higher Ed: Teacher name and username, course code, semester, year and campus. E.g. ITECH 1001 SEM1 2016 Ballarat - Mt Helen
  • VET: Teacher name and username, Course/Unit code and group code, if applicable. E.g. CHC50908 509F-CH-13
  • Partner Provider Staff: Please contact the Centre for University Partnerships (CUP) in the first instance. Please provide Teacher name and username, course code, semester, year and provider. E.g. ITECH 1001 SEM8 2016 MIT - Melbourne

If there are no issues with your request it will be processed and you will receive a notification that the job has been closed when it is completed. You will then be able to see all the courses you are enrolled in when you log into Moodle under My courses - located lower down (you may need to scroll) on the right hand side of the screen.

Please note that these courses will be greyed-out indicating that they are not available to students. Courses are unavailable to students by default so that students, who are automatically enrolled (Higher Ed. only), don't see the course before the teacher is ready to make them live. As such, once you have finished setting up your course you need to make the course available to students. For more information, see How to make your course available to students.

Note: Your request cannot be processed if you do not include sufficient information. Please ensure you provide all the information outlined above to avoid delays. If you are teaching in more than one course you may request access to all courses in the one job, rather than logging an individual request for each course.