The Moodle reports allow you to track all activity in your course. You can use the reports to quickly get a snapshot of which students have participated in activities and which resources have been accessed. This is particularly useful for monitoring students at risk as well as what activities your students prefer.

To view logs for all students for all activities on one day

  1. Reports are located in the Administration menu under reports.
  2. Reports Administration Reports
  3. In this instance, select Logs.
  4. From the Today drop-down list choose the day you want to see logs for, or select All days.
  5. For this example, leave the other settings as isLog search settings
  6. Click Get these logs.

    log example

    As you can see this view will show you everything each student has been doing, including viewing information, accessing resources or creating posts or content. To drill down to a specific activity however it is easier to search by activity.

    To view logs of activities students have completed

    1. Activity Completion is located under the Administration menu under Reports.
    2. Select Activity Completion.

    Reports Activity Completion

    You can either display everyone in the course or refine it to show individuals by searching either their first name or last name. A tick below a activity indicates its completion.

    Note: You must have completion tracking enabled on individual items for them to show in this report. It is important that this is done before the course commences, as completion tracking is not retrospective.

To view participation reports for a specific activity

  1. From the Administration menu under Reports click the link to Course Participation.
  2. In the Activity Module drop-down list select the forum activity you want a report on.
  3. In the Look Back drop-down list select the time duration you want to get logs for, e.g. last 2 days, 3 weeks.
  4. In the Show only field, select Student to only see logs for students.
  5. In the All Actions drop-down list select what you want information on.
  6. Tip: Try Post if you only need to see who has posted in a forum.Participation report settings

  7. Click Go, a list of all students will appear showing a Yes next to those who have accessed and with the number of times shown in brackets.
    Participation report

    Tip: You can click the Select all 'no', then click the With selected users drop down and choose Send a message to email all students who have not completed the required task.

To view reports on resource popularity

  1. From the Administration menu under Reports click Activity Report

To view individual student logs

  1. To view all activity for an individual student under the Administration menu under Users, click Enrolled Users.
  2. Click on a student's name from the list, their profile will appear.
  3. Under Reports click on All logs to see a snapshot of activity by the user.

Activity report