Quiz attempts

Occasionally you will be confronted with situations that will require a student to reattempt a quiz. This can be handled in one of two ways. Delete an attempt, and have them retake the quiz or, create an override to allow for additional attempts, time limit or a different date(s).

Create overrides (additional attempts etc.)

  1. Click the quiz link

    Quiz link

  2. Click the black gear icon and then click User overrides

    User overrides

  3. Click Add user override

    Quiz Attempts Add Override

  4. Select student from the list by typing their name in the Search box, then clicking on their name in the list provided. The name will then be added in Light Blue above the Search box.

    User override settings

  5. Configure the quiz opening, closing and time limit as needed
  6. Set attempts allowed.

    Quiz Attempts Allowed

    Note: If a student has already had an attempt, and you are granting another, you must include prior attempts in this count. eg. If they have had one attempt, and you're granting an additional attempt, set this to 2.

  7. Click Save.

To view quiz attempts

  1. Click the quiz link

    Quiz link

  2. Click the click the black Gear icon and then click the Results link.

    Quiz Attempts Results

  3. Select from the available filters what you would like to see. eg. All attempts, only those completed, only those not completed etc.

    Quiz Attempts Results Reports

  4. Select the unwanted attempt, by checking the box to the left of the user's name.

  5. Click Delete selected attempts.

    Note: CLIPP recommends that you do not delete attempts, but instead add an override. This allows Moodle to retain evidence of a prior attempt.