Create a Quiz

Creating your quiz

  1. Go to your course in Moodle.
  2. In your course, Turn editing on in the top right hand corner in the navigation bar.

  3. Under your chosen topic areas where you want the quiz to go click Add an activity or resource.

    Add an activity or resource

  4. Under the Add activity or resources menu click Quiz.

    Click "Quiz" from radio button list on the left

  5. Give your quiz a name

  6. Under Timing choose when you would like the quiz open and closed for using the date/time selector and how long you want the quiz attempt time limit to be.

    Timing settings

  7. Under the Grade section choose how many attempts are allowed.

  8. Under Layout choose how many questions you want per page with the New page setting. Also, use the Navigation method setting to choose whether students can freely navigate the order of questions or have to do them sequentially

  9. Choose when and what feedback to provide to those taking your test and at what stage. Eg. During the attempt, immediately after the attempt, later while the quiz is still open or after the quiz is closed.

    1. The Attempt – Whether the student review the attempt
    2. Whether correct – Displays to the student whether the answer that have provided is correct or not.
    3. Marks – The points the student has received for the individual question.
    4. Specific Feedback – Feedback provided to students based on a correct or incorrect answer.
    5. General Feedback – Provided feedback relating to the individual question to help students understand why they got the answer right or wrong.
    6. Right Answer – Indicates out of all the possible answers which one is correct.
    7. Overall Feedback – Feedback provided relating to the overall quiz not just an individual question
  10. Go to the bottom of the page and click on Save and display

    Save and Display

Adding Questions to a Quiz

  1. Click Edit quiz to insert questions into the quiz.

    Edit Quiz

  2. Click Add

  3. Click + a new question

    A new question

Click on a question type and click Add. The default type to choose is Multiple choice

Add Question type

Note: Media may be embedded through the use of links or Kaltura video and also put into questions or question feedback.

Fill out the required information on that question type, required is indicated by a red asterix * and click Save

Your question should now be added:

You will notice how many marks your question is out of and how many marks your quiz is set to. Moodle will automatically scale how much questions are worth to be out of the quiz total. Eg. 5 questions worth 1 mark out of a quiz set to 10 marks will scale to be worth 2 marks each in the calculation. You can adjust question values with the pencil tool next to the value then enter the new value and hit Enter. You may also change the quiz’s value by changing the value in
the box and clicking Save

Editing quiz

Providing overrides for students/groups with special considerations

With quizzes you are able to provide overrides on one or more students to adjust opening date/time, close date/time, time allocation during the quiz and number of attempts allowed.

  1. Open your quiz in your course

  2. Click the Individual blue cog/gear

  3. Select either user or group overrides


  4. Click Add user override

  5. Insert a user’s name and adjust the relevant settings, be sure to adjust attempts allowed to 2 if they have already had one attempt.

    Override settings

  6. Once done click Save