Question types


Once you’ve created categories you can add questions to create question banks.

1. To access Questions, click Question bank from the Administration block, then choose Questions.

Question Types

Moodle offers a range of question types you can use. The following information on question types has been taken from the Moodle online help:

Question typesExplanation
Multiple choiceIn response to a question (that may include media) the respondent chooses from multiple answers.
There are two types of multiple choice questions - single answer and multiple answers.
True/FalseIn response to a question (that may include media), the respondent selects from two options: True or False.
Short AnswerIn response to a question (that may include media), the respondent types a word or phrase. There may several possible correct answers, with different grades. Answers may or may not be sensitive to case.

NumericalFrom the student perspective, a numerical question looks just like a short-answer question. The difference is that numerical answers are allowed to have an accepted error. This allows a continuous range of answers to be set.

CalculatedCalculated questions offer a way to create individual numerical questions by the use of wildcards that are substituted with individual values when the quiz is taken.

EssayIn response to a question (that may include media) the respondent writes an answer in essay format. The question also supports the ability to have an answer template and a marking notes for staff. Essay questions MUST be manually graded before results are returned to students.

MatchingA list of sub questions is provided, along with a list of answers. The respondent must "match" the correct answers with each question.
Random short - answer matchingFrom the student perspective, this question type looks just like a Short-answer question. The difference is that the sub-questions are drawn randomly from Short Answer questions in the current category.
Embedded answers (Cloze)These very flexible questions consist of a passage of text that has various answers embedded within it, including multiple choice, short answers and numerical answers. This question is tricky to prepare. Please use the Select missing words question type which has a similar appearance, but is much simpler to configure.
Calculated multichoiceCalculated multichoice questions are multichoice questions where the choice elements are numeric values determined by formulas. The values for the formulas are selected randomly from a set when the quiz is taken, giving a unique question and distractors for each participant.
Calculated simpleA simpler version of calculated questions, which are like numerical questions, but with the numbers used selected randomly from a set when the quiz is taken. Appearance is identical to the Calculated question type
Drag and drop into textAn easy to author question that allows for words to be dropped into gaps in a sentence. The sentence can have a single drag and drop space or many.
Drag and drop markersA very versatile question that allows regions on a background image to be mapped as ‘drop zones’. Tags dropped in these zone are considered to be correct. Slightly difficult to configure.

Drag and drop onto imageImages and text can be dragged into place on a background image. Easy to configure and supports multiple ‘sets’ of drop items.
Select missing wordsSimilar to Cloze, but much easier to configure. Supports multiple sets of words.

DescriptionThis is not a real question. It simply prints some text (and possibly graphics) without requiring an answer. This can be used to provide some information to be used by a following group of questions.