Using the Dashboard

The Dashboard provides quick immediate access to search courses available to you in Moodle with a variety of different search functions.The Course menu sidebar expands and collapses to save screen space and allows quick access to courses which you are enrolled in and have been made live.

Changing the view

  1. You can choose to search by either Past, In Progress or Future courses you are enrolled in by using the Courses tab under Course overview.

    Click on the Course Overview filter to switch between:
  • All (All courses you are enrolled into as either staff or student)
  • In Progress (All course that are currently running based on course commencement and completion date)
  • Future (Courses that have not yet started based on course commencement date)
  • Past (Courses that have finished based on the courses completion date)
  • Master (All Master shell and design courses)
  • Starred (Your most popular frequently used courses)
  • Hidden (Courses you have chosen to make hidden off of your dashboard that may not be needed anymore)
  • Note: For a course to be visible, the lecturer must make it available. Always talk to your lecturer first if you cannot see one of your courses.

    Timeline Block

    Use the Timeline block to view upcoming events in your course such as due assignments.
    Click Sort by dates to see the most recent due activities or Sort by courses to view based on particular courses.
    There are additional filters for filtering events by date things due in next 7 or 30 days or next 3 or 6 months.
    You can choose to show either 5, 10 or 25 items on your timeline using the show drop-down.

  1. In the top right hand corner you have the user menu where all Moodle features are located such as:

    Reset and stop buttons

    Dashboard - Return to the Moodle home dashboard page
    Profile - View and edit any profile information
    My Preferences - change any settings on your user profile
    My Calendar - Show your calendar and all events occurring
    My ePortfolio - To take you to Mahara ePortfolio
    My files - View all your personal files
    My grades - To view all the grades overall for all courses which you are enrolled in
    My media - View your collection of Media resources such as videos or audio recordings uploaded from Kaltura
    My messages - View all Instant messages between yourself and other users
    Log Out - Log out of your account