Manage your Library eReadings links

The Library now publishes all requested digitised readings through the Course Readings lists which can then be linked to through Moodle. Once the Course Readings tool is added to a Moodle course, the reading list can be populated either from previous content or lists, or by adding new readings directly though the tool.

Adding a reading list

To enable Course Readings, and the content you have requested,  add the Course Reading tool from the Add an activity or resource menu.

Adding the tool via the "Add an activity or resource" menu

After adding the tool, click the new tool link to launch the academic staff interface.

At this point you may be asked to provide settings for your reading list. Select your School, and the citation style.

Image of school and citation style settings.

After configuration, you must then select a reading list, set the teaching period, and finally attach your requested list, or create a new reading list for your course. For assistance with this, please contact the Library.

Example of Course Reading list configuration

Note: a student view is visible through the Preview button in the toolbar.

Using your list

You may wish to place reading links throughout your course content at the point of need or within books or topics. Regardless of where you place the content, the process is the same.

Image of Moodle editor bar with Course reading icon circled

You may place Course Readings within Moodle Books, Pages, Lessons, Assignment instructions etc. wherever you see the purple atom icon. If you wish the list to appear on the course page, try adding the readings to a Moodle Label resource.  Readings embedded into your course materials can be copied over to future semesters.

Example of embedded readings.

Example of course reading items in moodle