Importing content from another Moodle course

When you request access to a new course, it is likely that there are no resources or activities. It is a relatively simple process to import content from other courses to use within your new course. Most Moodle courses contain 16 topic areas, although your course may have more or less. When importing content from a course with a different number of topics, you may need to adjust the number of topics.

To import content from one Moodle course to another

You can import content from any Moodle course in which you are a teacher/lecturer, or non-editing partner, to any other Moodle course in which you are a teacher/lecturer.

*** Warning ***

Do not import Turnitin assignments. These must be recreated manually for each course. Failure to do this can cause Turnitin links to fail. You must ensure you deselect (un-tick) and not import any Turnitin assignments.

  1. Make sure you are in the course you want to import content into (new course)
  2. Ensure the new course area has the same or more weeks or topic areas as the old one. See Set Number of Topics
  3. In the Administration block, click Import.
    Import menu item
  4. From the Find a course to import data from list, choose the course you want to import content from.
    Course import search results
    Note: Moodle only displays 10 courses, if you have access to more than 10 courses, and do not see the course you are looking for, try using the Search box to narrow down the list. You will only see courses in this list in which you are enrolled as a teacher/lecturer.
  5. Click the radio button beside the course you have chosen, then click Continue.
  6. Select the type of content you wish to import. By default, all items are selected. You are unlikely to require filters and calendar events, however it will not cause issues if they are included.
  7. Import options with Jump to final step and next highlighted

    If you want to import all content contained in the shell you can click Jump to final step. This will begin the import process. Alternatively, if you only want certain resources from the shell click Next.

    Note: Do not import Turnitin assignments. If there are Turnitin assignments in the shell you are importing from you must not click Jump to final step. You will need to click Next and deselect the Turnitin assignments.

  8. If you clicked Next you will now see a list of resources for your course. Go through this list and un-tick any item you do not wish to import.
    Select content

    Note: You must deselect Turnitin assignments. You should also deselect the News Forum to prevent duplication.
  9. Click Continue. A screen detailing which content will be included in the import and that which is not. If you need to make changes, click Back, else click Continue.
    review selection
    Note: If you are also wishing to import quiz questions from your course you will need to tick Include question bank to have the question bank transfer over to the new course. Only content and activities are imported. User data cannot be included through the import process. To do this you would need to request that the Moodle administrator create a duplicate of your course.
  10. Moodle will now require you to click the Perform import button to commence the import.
  11. Import options showing perform import button highlighted

  12. After a short period of time (depending on the amount and type of content in the course) Moodle will confirm the success of the import. Please do not click the Perform import button multiple times.
  13. Click Continue. Your new course page will appear showing the imported content/activities.
  14. Screen showing successful import message with continue button

Set number of course topics

Courses are set up with 16 topics by default. If you are importing content from a course with more than 16 topics you will not be able to view the content until you increase the number of topics to match. You're advised to first change this setting in the new course to match or exceed the number of topics of the original course prior to importing content. To do this please refer to the section on Number of sections on the link provided.