Exporting to FDL

Exporting grades for import into FDL

Exporting Grades from Moodle

When configured correctly the Moodle gradebook can contain an accurate record of student results that can be then used to populate FDL Grades. Moodle grades are generally unmoderated, and some adjustment may be necessary before recording these results in FDL Grades. The following guide explains the export process for obtaining a Comma-Separated Values (csv) file from Moodle.

Accessing the Moodle Gradebook

The Moodle gradebook can be accessed from the administration panel within a Moodle course, by clicking the three-gears icon on the navigation bar.

Note: You must have lecturer status within a course to access these items.

Within the admin panel, click on either the Grades or Gradebook setup items. These links are slightly different, but both will suffice for this activity.

Export Settings

Once the Gradebook is displayed, select the Export tab from the top row of tabs.

By default, the Gradebook will now display the FDL export page. There are several options, depending on the desired output.

  1. Group selection – By default Moodle will present the last selected group. If you teach a combined course, you will need to change this to include only a specific campus in your report. Click the drop-down icon to reveal a list of group choices. You must download each campus group separately.
  2. Grade item selection – The export will only contain details from the selected grade item. Click the drop-down icon to reveal a list of assessable items from the course. Categories are also included, these contain the word 'total' at the end of the item. Eg. A category called Quizzes would appear as Quizzes total in the drop down.
  3. Export formats – By default, only the student number and grade are included in the export. If you require feedback, submission date, and or suspended users, check or uncheck these items before export.

When happy with your selection, click the Download button.

Note: Grades can be rounded to different decimal places, but 2 is the default export value. Category totals will not include the submission date.

Export File

The file produced by Moodle will look similar to the sample below, depending on settings. You should manually check the file before upload to ensure that it contains the information you require.

Column descriptions are not included but are self-explanatory.

Column A: Student number

Column B: Grade (raw value)

Column D: Submission date.

Importing Grades to fdlGrades

The file produced by Moodle is able to be directly imported into a task within fdlGrades.

WARNING: If you have included the submission dates in the Moodle grade export fdlGrades will automatically apply a 10% penalty per day for late submission. If you do not want this automatic penalty then do not include the submission date in the export.

  1. Log into fdlGrades and navigate to the Location / Term / Course.
  2. On the right-hand side of the window click on IMPORT and select the task.
  3. Click on the Choose File button at the bottom of the new window
  4. Navigate to the exported file
  5. Click on Go

To save the imported marks click on the Save button on the main window.

Late Penalties

If you have included the submission date in your export file and a student has submitted an assignment late their grade for the task will be highlighted in green.

To obtain further information about the late submission double click on the task mark for the student. The new window will display the submitted date and time for this student.

If the student has been provided with an extension enter the number of days that were granted in this window and the new submission date will be applied.

If the entire class has been granted an extension click on the Apply extension to all students button.

Remember to click Save on the main window.