Embed a video

It is possible to embed video inside of Moodle, anywhere that the Moodle editor is present. This includes topic headers, pages, labels, forums, quizzes and many more. Moodle is linked to its own video repository, Kaltura, where you can upload and store videos for use in your course. You can also embed YouTube video and make use of FedUni's Clickview system which has a wide range of previously broadcast content.

Kaltura has its own dedicated how-to page. Click here for more information on using Kaltura

Note: Whilst you can embed video into a label, which will make it display on your main page, it can take up a significant amount of space and increase the time it takes to load the main page.

To add video to an edit box. First select the activity or resource where you wish to place the video. Below is an example of how to add video to a Page resource.

  1. In a topic area, select Page from the Add a resource pop up Activity chooser menu.

    image of add page selection pop-up

  2. In the Name field, write the name of the page such as the title of the video.
    page video general settings
  3. In the Content area, Click the insert video icon.
    Page Moodle Editor Video button
  4. Click Video at the top of the pop up window.
    Image of embed media upload window
  5. If you have the Youtube video URL you can paste that in to the Video source URL box. Alternatively you can search for the video by clicking the Browse repositories button.
    Image of youtube search in filepicker
  6. If you click the Browse repositories button, a new window will appear. Click Youtube videos.
    image of filepicker youtube select
  7. Enter the title of the video you would like to embed. Adding the owner/creater of the video can also help narrow the results.
    Image of the video search window
  8. When you find the video you would like to embed, click the video thumbnail and then Select this file.
  9. Video Search Results

  10. Once you have the Video selected you can change its settings. Options include the size of the video window, whether the video Auto plays or loops and the ability to add subtitles. Once all options are set click Insert media.
    Image of Video Settings
  11. A preview of the video player will load. This may not include a preview of the video but it will load once the page is saved. This can be done by clicking the Save and display at the bottom of the screen.

    Image of Page editor with Video preview
  12. The page resource should now load with the video embedded.
    Image of page resource with Youtube Video embedded