Create a web page

If you have large or pre-existing documents, such as unit descriptions, it is preferable to upload these files. However there are times when it is impractical to create a new Word document, upload the file and make your students download that file when you might want to add basic content to your course such as simple instructions, or a short note to your students within the sequential context of a topic. In this situation it might be easier for you, and simpler for your students, to create a web page directly into your Moodle course. From the Activity chooser you can choose to compose a Page.

To compose a Page

The following procedure uses the example of adding an Assessment summary information page.

  1. In a topic, click Add a Resource or Add an activity or resource and select Page

    image of add page selection pop-up

    Activity chooser pop-up

  2. In the Name field, write the name of the page.This forms the link the students will click

    page general settings
  3. Enter a Description if you wish. You can check the Display Description check box to have this appear on the main course page.
  4. In the Page content field, compose or paste the full text of the page.

    page content editor

  5. You can use the formatting tool bar to format the text, add pictures or web links as you can within the topic summary editor.

    Note: If you are pasting content from Word, please Paste into Notepad first and then re-copy the text and paste into Moodle.

  6. The appearance settings control how the page will be displayed, either as a page within the Moodle environment, or as a pop-up window. Settings can be changed to adjust the size of the pop-up window.

  7. Appearance settings
  8. You may leave all other settings as is.
  9. When you have finished click Save and return to course, or Save and display.