Course completion bar

What is the Course Completion Block

The course completion block is used for tracking students progress on specific tasks or activities in Moodle and allows you to monitor their overall completion in the course.

Green Indicates: Task complete.

Yellow Indicates: Assignment submitted, but not yet graded.

Red Indicates: Task overdue.

Blue Indicates: Not yet complete or due.

Adding a Course Completion Block to your course

  1. To add a Course completion block you must go to the Add a Block on your Moodle shell page and click Course completion progress block.

  2. Once your Completion progress block is added, it will automatically track all activities and resources for students by default.
  3. Once it is added you will want to choose which activities you are wishing to track. Under the Select activities menu choose Selected activities and click on the activities you wish to track.
  4. Note: To select more than one activity or resource hold down Ctrl on your keyboard and click on the options.

  5. You may wish to change additional settings above such as:
  • Order of blocks (Order by order in course or expected complete date of activities)
  • How the blocks will be presented (Squeeze, Scroll or Wrap)
  • Whether you want Icons displayed
  • Show percentages to students of their completion
  • Restrict the visibility to a certain group
  • Change the Name of the Block

Once added you are able to view the overall completion status for all students in your course by clicking Overview of students on the completion progress block.

Note: You are also able to filter results by progress by clicking on the progress column button.