Assignment extension

There will be times when you will need to grant extensions to one or more students. Rather than change the original due date, which may then allow all students to make further changes, you can grant an extension only to those students who have been approved.

Extension for a single student

Extension for multiple students

Granting an extension for a single student

1. Click the assignment title to view the assignment summary page

Assignment activity link

2. Click the view submissions link

Menu showing grade submissions link

3. Locate the student in the list.

Note: there may be more than one page.

image showing position of Edit button

Tip: You can sort the student view by clicking the column headings to sort by that item. eg. The Surname heading sorts the students by surname.

4. Click the Edit button and select Grant extension

Menu showing grant extension

5. Enter the new submission deadline and check the box to enable it.

Grant extension settings

6. Click Save changes

Note: You must complete each extension separately using this method.

7. The extension information will appear in the status column.

Extension status

Granting an extension for multiple students

Its now possible for you to grant an extension for multiple students at the same time. Follow steps one and two from above so that you are looking at the assignment summary page.

1. Select the students who need the extension by checking the boxes to the left of their name.

Multiple students selected

2. Down the bottom of the page you will see a drop-down menu titled With Selected. Select Grant extension and click Go

Menu showing grant extension selected

3. You will be then given the option to set the new submission deadline. Check the box to enable it.

Settings for extension deadline