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Turnitin provides students and staff an opportunity to check the proportion of original content in submitted material. It does this by comparing the submitted work with that of numerous online databases, journal articles and web content (both current and archived). Turnitin then returns an originality report detailing how much of the content is original and how much it determines matches information in its database.

For more information on interpreting Turnitin results go to the Turnitin link located within the Study Help drop down menu, under the FedUni logo in Moodle, or refer to the links at the bottom of this page.

Turnitin menu item under Study Help section

Create a Turnitin-assessed assignment in your course

  1. Turn editing on
  2. Click +Add an Activity or Resource, and choose Turnitin Assignment 2 from the drop-down menu.

    Activity Menu - Turnitin

  3. Fill in the Turnitin Assignment Name and Summary. The summary should include all instructions required for completing the assessment piece including size and format.

    Note: Turnitin supports limited file types. CLIPP suggests that you specify Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF formats.

    Turnitin Assignment name box

  4. Submission Type can be left as Any Submission Type, this allows students to cut and paste text into the Turnitin window, or drag and drop a file for uploading.
  5. Number of Parts allows for multiple file uploads, CLIPP recommends that you leave at 1.
  6. Maximum File Size can be left at the system default.
  7. Allow submission of any file type. Leave default No. Turnitin is not capable of checking all file types (see for supported types), if you change this to yes, please be aware that some files might not be checked for originality.
  8. Display Originality Reports to Students. Please leave as Yes. This allows students to view reports and make corrections as necessary.
  9. Grade Display only affects the Turnitin review screen, not the Moodle gradebook. Therefore, the default setting is usually sufficient.
  10. Auto Refresh Grades/Scores. Leave default Yes. This ensures that Turnitin will always automatically update the Moodle Gradebook.
  11. Grade. The default of Point is highly recommended as scales are difficult to match to Turnitin's grades. Set the Maximum points to match your marking requirements, default 100.

    Note: Turnitin’s Overall grade is what is entered into the Moodle gradebook. To simplify calculations, this should match the Max Marks setting of the assignment submission area. E.g. If the essay is marked out of 100, then Max Marks should be 100, and the Overall grade should be 100 too. Turnitin will not perform any calculations, so having different values will have unexpected results and require further configuration of the Moodle gradebook.

  12. In the Assignment Part area, Name can be left as the default.

  13. Dates.
    Start date specifies when a student can begin submitting to Turnitin. It is advisable that this be as soon as possible. This allows for students to perform revision where necessary.

    The Due date specifies from when submissions will be deemed late.

    The Post date specifies when results will be released to students. No more late assignments will be accepted after the Post date.

    Turnitin configurations - Dates

  14. Originality Report Options. The default report settings should be fine for most cases. However please take the time to review them.
  • Allow submissions after the Due Date – Yes
  • Report Generation Speed – Generate reports immediately (resubmissions are allowed until due date)
  • Store Student Papers – Standard Repository
  • Check against stored student papers – Yes
  • Check against internet – Yes
  • Check against journals, periodicals and publications – Yes
  • Exclude Bibliography – No
  • Exclude Quoted Material – No
  • Exclude Small Matches – Leave blank.

  • GradeMark Options. A rubric does not have to be selected in order to use the GradeMark feature. Grades and comments can simply be added to any student using the default GradeMark interface.

    If utilising a Rubric or Marking guide, and you have multiple people marking an assignment, you must add the rubric/marking guide during this setup phase. Rubrics and Marking guides are attached to the creator by default, not an assignment. Failure to assign a rubric/marking guide to an assignment will result in the item being removed (and subsequently all marks) if anyone besides the creator views a student's grade.

    Please contact CLIPP for assistance with creating Rubrics or Marking Guides.

    Grademark settings

  • Click Save and Return to Course.

  • Note: Please DO NOT add Turnitin to a Master Shell. You must NEVER import a Turnitin assignment from another course. Should you do this, please delete the imported assignment and recreate it as soon as possible.

    More information about interpreting reports and navigating the Turnitin screen can be found at In particular, you may wish to view:

    Turnitin originality check

    Interpreting the similarity report