Add files - Dropbox, Google and One Drive

Some mobile devices and computers with non compliant browsers are not able to use the drag and drop upload interface in Moodle. In addition, a user may wish to add content directly from a cloud storage service like One Drive, Google Drive or Dropbox. An alternative method of adding files is available through a file picker built into Moodle.

If you are simply attaching a file to a forum, assignment or other activity, skip to step 6.

To add a file

  1. Within the section you want to add the file, click the Add an activity or resource.addactivity

    add file

  2. The Add an activity or resource selector box appears. Scroll down to the RESOURCES area and choose File.
  3. Click the Add button.
  4. The Adding a new File window appears. Enter the name of the file you are uploading (Note: this doesn't have to be the actual file name).
  5. You can also add a summary description of the file in the Description field. If you want this description to display on the course page, check the Display description on course page check box.

    name and description

  6. Under Content heading click the + page Icon.
  7. The file picker window appears. Click Upload a file to load from your computer, or choose from either Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive to connect to your cloud storage.

    file picker window
  8. If you are using a cloud storage tool, you may need to log onto that service first, then authorise the University's Moodle to access your files. Below is an example from Microsoft One Drive, Google Drive is similar. Please check the credentials, they should read,, FedUni Moodle. Click Yes to access your files.
    Note: Moodle will store your response and not ask again. You can log out from the top menu of the file picker.
    Authorise OneDrive
  9. Some cloud storage tools, eg. Dropbox, allow you to create a link or alias. Please do not use this option as it greatly increases server load, instead keep the default Make a copy of the file. Click Select this file.
  10. File Attributes with make copy highlighted

  11. When the file path has been added, click Upload this file.
  12. The rest of the settings can generally be left as the defaults.
    There may be some issues with pop-up blockers depending on different browser types. If you are worried about these issues and have specific documents, such as templates, that you want to force students to download, you can choose the Force download option in the Display option drop down box.

    Display options
  13. Once you have finished editing these settings, click Save and return to course, or Save and display to see how this file will appear to your students.
  14. Save changes button highlighted