Add files

Moodle has been enhanced with a drag-and-drop file uploader. For this to work your computer needs to have up to date Java and one of the latest w3c compliant web browsers. eg. Firefox. For adding video and other media types please refer to Kaltura.

To add a file

  1. Turn Editing on.
  2. Drag the file you want to upload, by left clicking on the file on your computer and holding the mouse button down, whilst dragging the file icon to your Moodle course window. Wait until you see the Add file(s) here text on your Moodle page, then release the mouse button.

  3. Drag and drop

    Tip: You may select more than one file to drag at a time. You cannot drag folders.
  4. Once you have released you mouse button a window will appear asking for the destination of the file. You can place the file directly into Moodle or contribute the file to Equella. For most Learning and Teaching content you will want to contribute to Equella. More information on contributing to Equella can be found here.

    Window for uploading a file

  5. You can also add Zip (compressed) files into Moodle. Adding a compressed file will bring up a different widow. Selecting 'Create file resource' or 'Contribute to Equella' will result in a link, that when clicked, will download the zip to the users computer. 'Unzip and create folder' will place the individual files that make up the zip into a folder. Users can then download the files individually. You won't generally want to add a SCORM package
  6. Window showing Zip upload options

    Zip file uploaded in using the different options

  7. Images can also be dragged directly into Moodle. You have the option to 'contribute the image to Equella', 'Add the image to course page' or 'Add a file resource'. Contributing to Equella or adding a file resource will result in a link that opens the image in a new window. Adding the image to course page will embed it, showing the image in the topic shown as a label.
  8. Window showing image upload options

  9. Once you have uploaded your files click Turn editing off.

Note: Drag and drop will only work with versions of Internet Explorer greater than v10. We strongly recommend using Firefox or Chrome browsers.