Add a label

Labels are useful for adding extra headings, text, pictures or video content directly into the front page of your course. Headings are useful to break-up, and further structure, content and activities within a topic. You can edit a course or topic summary to add headings to the top of that area. However you can also add extra material, such as headings, instructional text and images at any point within your course or topic by adding labels. Adding labels, such as sub-headings, can be useful to break up and further structure content and activities within a topic.

To add a label

  1. In a topic, click the + Add an activity or resource button.

    image of add label in pop-up

  2. In the Label text field add content to the label, such as sub-heading text, format.

    Label text
  3. All other settings may be left as the default. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save and return to course.

    Labels should not be used to provide course materials, time sensitive information or announcements. Only use labels to guide students and provide basic instructions. Adding excessive content to multiple labels is visually unappealing and creates a condition known as the Scroll of Death!


In the image below, Forums and the information that follows is an example of a Label.label example