Online forum etiquette

Student guidelines

When communicating in the University’s online learning systems you are expected to follow the same standards of behaviour as you would in a classroom situation and obey the rules of online etiquette:

  • Be respectful of your fellow students and staff.
  • Value the opinions of others. While you should feel free to disagree and present your own point of view you must do so in a manner that does not denigrate the opinions of others.
  • Use appropriate language and never use language that could be found offensive.
  • Never attack others personally.
  • Don’t act in a way that could constitute harassment, bullying or discrimination.
  • Beware of using CAPITAL LETTERS when posting. The use of CAPS can be interpreted as shouting.
  • Use humour or sarcasm very carefully as this can often be misinterpreted.

In addition to following the above guidelines you are also need to act in accordance with the following Federation University Australia policies: